Quickstart Guide

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Step 2: Write Some Code:

Yeah, it's that simple to use our Zip Code API. Below are some basic code examples:

JavaScript Example (Using jQuery):

function logResults(json){

  url: "https://zipfeeder.us/api/v2/zipcode/01950/?key=YOUR_KEY",
  dataType: "jsonp",
  jsonpCallback: "logResults"

Python Example (Using Requests: HTTP for Humans)

import json

# install requests via pip
import requests

if __name__ == "__main__":

    # this uses requests, you could use urllib2 as well
        # will return a 403 if key is not valid.
        r = requests.get("https://zipfeeder.us/api/v2/zipcode/02124/?key=YOUR_KEY")

        zip_dict = json.loads(r.text)

        print zip_dict['city']
        print zip_dict['state']

    except Exception as e:

        print "Zip could not be loaded: {}".format(e)

PHP Example (Using Guzzle)

//this sample use guzzle, but you could also use cURL
$guzzle = new \GuzzleHttp\Client();

$resp = $guzzle->get("https://zipfeeder.us/api/v2/zipcode/01950/?key=YOUR_KEY");

$zip_data = json_decode($resp->getBody());

echo $zip_data->city.", ".$zip_data->state;